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Just Adopted!

  1. Simion Hedges
  2. Mark Talbot
  3. Tim Pritchard
  4. Simon Hedges
  5. Shaun Gilbert
  6. Mike Eglington
  7. Simon Hedges
  8. Phil Polden
  9. Randy Kitzmiller

New Racers!

Click on a name to find out more details.

  1. Neil Ronketti
  2. Steve Heneghan
  3. Alan Stevens
  4. Antoine Josserand
  5. Darren Neal
  6. Andy Cunningham
  7. John Moult
  8. Randy Kitzmiller

Meet the Adopters & Supporters for 2005

We are trying to get a minimum of 10 Adopters for each racer donating a minimum of £10 a month. This will make a huge difference to a racer in trying to meeting their sporting expenses.

Here are some of the adopters who have adopted racers already. Please support our adopters by clicking on their name to read more about them. To read about a adoptee or scheme sponsor or a racer, click on the name

Check back regularly as more adopters are added. To become an adopter yourself, click here. To become a scheme sponsor, click here.

Can't decide who to adopt?

Why not help all the racers by making a donation?

All donations will be put into the common pot and split amongst the racers each month so that everyone benefits! Your donation can be as large of as small as you like.

We'll acknowledge your support and put your name on a special page here on the website as well as our other promotional materials or you can simply remain anonymous if you prefer.


Please indicate whether you would like your name shown on our Donations Page.

Adopt a Racer
43 Campers Avenue
Letchworth Garden City
Hertfordshire SG6 3SP
United Kingdom

Committed Pledges for 2005 £31,188.00

This is what adopters and sponsors have already pledged to our riders for the 2005 season. To see a list of our 2005 sponsors, click here.

We still have racers who need your help

Why not join in this expanding family of race supporters and
Adopt a Racer today?

Click here to
Adopt a Racer!

Last site Update:
March 04,2005

Can you help?

Adopt a Racer needs help with the day to day running of the scheme. Can you or your company help by donating or contributing towards any of the following?

  1. Paper
  2. Ink Cartridges
  3. Printing
  4. Merchandise
  5. Laminating
  6. Banners
  7. Catering
  8. Tesco Vouchers

You or your company will receive lots of publicity and become part of a scheme to help promote and keep the sport alive at grassroots level. For more information, please email us